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Trapani City TDS Rent

Trapani is an Italian municipality of
approximately 70,000 inhabitants, capital of the free municipal consortium of the same name
in Sicily

The city of Trapani has developed an important activity over the years
economic linked to the extraction, processing and trade of salt, favored
of its strategic natural position it enjoys, projected onto the
Mediterranean, and its important port, an ancient commercial outlet for Erix (now Erice), located on the mountain of the same name that overlooks the city

The port of Trapani, in Sicily, is the primary headquarters of
maritime connections with the Egadi islands, Pantelleria, and
historically a reference port for trade with North African countries, in
particularly with Tunisia

The economy today is based on the tertiary sector, on fishing (formerly that of
bluefin tuna with the famous slaughter) on the extraction and export of marble and
on activities related to trade and tourism.